Not Another Hollywood Disaster – Ghost in the Shell

A live-action movie ready to hit the theatres coming year, Ghost in the Shell is Hollywood’s latest venture into the world of Japanese Manga creations. As always the fear remains as to whether they will stick to source material or have their merry way whiting up the cast and changing the plot lines. The moviemakers though for this latest creation are excited since they believe they are staying true to the source material, or so they think!

The recent interview published with the moviemakers may paint a good light on this Hollywood creation, fact remains that it failed to address the elephant in the room. One of the major issues with the manga community is the casting decisions of the movie.

The casting director in particular said how he felt excited because they were getting the anime perfectly remade. Producer Avi Arad in fact said he feels like a geek. It is true to a certain extent though. Take for instance the cinematographer’s decision to make the movie in 28 colors as is the case with all anime films and even the Ghost in the Shell anime. While this is certainly interesting, the main concern with anime lovers is the casting for the main character where the moviemakers took a lot of liberty.

Scarlet Johansson as “Major”? At least use the anime name! In the original manga, the protagonist is an augmented-cybernetic Japanese woman. Some solace lies in the fact that rest of the crew is Japanese and the names remain Japanese too. In defense of this decision though, producer Steven Paul said that they are using actors from the world over. There are Chinese, Japanese, Americans and even English in it.

Even though the manga’s publisher earlier said that they never believed a Japanese actress would get the lead, and that Japanese folks are not that flustered by the situation – the fact remains that other than the lead everyone else is Japanese. This creates a delicate issue of casting even before the trailer is out.

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