Top Manga To Read Before You Die

With the end of our favorite Ninja, Naruto on November 10th, yet another Manga series comes to conclusion but this got us thinking as to which Manga would make it to a bucket reading list? Here’s our top picks from the world of Japanese Manga to read before you finally meet your maker.

Hunter x Hunter

Right off the top, here’s our first pick. Granted it won’t feature in everyone’s list but we feel the main character, Gon has a rather interesting setup thanks to the amazingly detailed world plus all the allies and enemies with special abilities. Give it a read if you like imaginative works.


A dark fantasy manga, it is set amidst the medieval world with plenty of soldiers, corrupt nobles, swords and a lot more.

Slam Dunk

A basketball manga set upon the life of a high school student by the name of Hanamichi Sakuragi, Slam Dunk is a coming of age story. It discusses the intricate balance between rivals and teammates plus how the basketball program has impacted schools all over Japan.

Fullmetal Alchemist

The base of this manga is the concept of give and take. What you give is proportionate to what you get, this is the idea of Fullmetal Alchemist. The world in this manga is run by alchemy that can be used to influence, gain power and also fight. All characters of this manga are not just loud and fun but also profound at the same time.

Fairy Tail

Set in a magical kingdom the story focuses on mages and the fight between them on the grounds of good and evil. Fight sequences are just terrific and the music they accompany epic.


The setting is a world full of occult practices and it bases a story on exorcism. It is an ongoing series that has already gathered a worldwide popularity enough for it to be cast into a brand new movie. The series tackles Asian mythology and world phenomena too.

Death Note

Imagine a world where what you write has an impact over the world and anyone in it. Yes, in this manga what you write using a pen can kill people. It is a story of cat and mouse that infuses intense and dark tones. There is everything in this manga to keep you gripping your seat and your attention fixed on the characters.

Dragon Ball

Probably the first taste of manga for the outside world, Dragon Ball and all the variations that came after the original is why the world outside Japan knows manga. It is responsible for starting all the craze. The concept of Dragon Ball builds on a powerful youth that has an insatiable appetite much like his powers and an equally mysterious past to speak of. Iconic characters, impressive fight sequences and childish humor dispersed throughout, including in some fight sequences makes for an engrossing and entertaining watch.


A martial arts manga that delves on the life of aspiring ninjas. This is probably the most popular manga series worldwide and alongside One Piece stands as signature series. The story discovers oriental subjects across 30 countries all over the world and is currently broadcast with anime adaptations over 80 countries.

One Piece

We truly believe that One Piece is the best manga out there. An action adventure series, it deals with various complex issues such as war, religion, territorial disputes but somehow manages to do so without reverting to violence, explicit sex scenes or murder.

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